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Mise is the one-stop-shop back office platform to help you run your restaurant.

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Connect the Dots

Mise is the back-office platform with everything you need to help you run your restaurant more effectively and build better relationships with your customers.

On Mise's unified platform, get connected analytics to improve customer retention, reduce waste, and increase margins.

Why make the switch?

Simplify Your Tasks

Point-and-click tools for all your operational needs, all in one place. No more keeping track across spreadsheets & emails.

Know Your Guests

Build complete customer profiles across every aspect of your business, from reservations to ordering to catered events.

Unified Platform

Quit managing a roster of tech vendors. We're a one stop shop for all your software needs.

We know the restaurant business and we've got your back.

We’re a small business supporting small businesses by operating on a commission-only model — and we take less than 1% of the total order value, so you can take on pickup and delivery orders, worry-free.

< 1%

commission on order value, with no monthly surcharge

Vincent on Camelback

Phoenix, AZ

"Mise has completely changed the way we run our restaurants. We've been in business over 30 years and were stuck in our traditional pen and paper ways, up until last year. We've since introduced a POS for the first time, integrated a takeout outlet, and have been managing our catered events, all with Mise, and we can't imagine ever going back to doing things the way we used to."

Leevon Guerithault


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Quick Service & Takeout

Point of Sale



(with more coming soon!)

All on a platform that connects the dots for you and helps you make easier, more informed decisions.

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